Vectorial Elevation Design Archive
RA 4
  A documentary web page was made for every participant that sent a design. The pages contain information such as name, location, time, dedication and comments of each participant.

Examples archive pages:

Click on any of the following links to see a design; once there you can go forward or back in the archive sequence

There are additional three ways of seeing the web pages of the participants:

1) Type a name, place or word in the search field that appears at the bottom of the pages of this website. This will present all the web pages that have the searched word.

2) Each design has a queue code issued at the time of submision and the web page can be retrieved by
using the code search. This will direct you to a specific web page.

3) Design a Vectorial Elevation using the 3D interface and let the system search the archive for the five closest geometric matches to your design.

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