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Press the "Design Now" button to open the 3D interface in this page. The program takes a few minutes to load, please be patient. When you are finished designing your light sculpture press the "Next" button to perform a search of the archive database and find the designs that are closest to yours. If you have problems loading the program please see the help section.

The java applet is 307K so it might take a few minutes to load.

The 18 searchlights had xenon lamps with a total 126,000 watts of power.

The light beams could be seen from a 15 kilometre radius (approx. 10 miles).

While the piece was live, from April 22 until May 5, 2002, the designs appeared in the sky of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The name and dedication of each participant was also presented on a large screen on the plaza. The system made a web page documenting each design and wrote an email to the participant when it was done. On this page you could also see the participation statistics in real time.

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